Statutory Audit

Helping you comply the laws

Statutory Audits are audits mandated by a statute such as Companies Act 2013, Income Tax 1961, and Good& Services Tax Act 2017 etc.

The purpose of a statutory audit is to determine whether an organization is providing a true and fair view of its financial position by examining bookkeeping records and financial transactions. Also, Statutory Audits are conducted to report the state of company’s finances and accounts to the Government of India. HCO is a professional CA firm for statutory audit with a well-qualified team of auditors designated to do such audits. The audit is conducted I accordance with relevant national and international auditing standards and audit report is prepared strictly in accordance with the rules and regulations defined by the Government agencies.

HCO & Co., based in India, specializes in statutory audit services, ensuring compliance with legal regulations and financial standards. As a prominent statutory audit company, HCO & Co. meticulously examines financial records, statements, and transactions of organizations across various sectors to validate their accuracy and adherence to statutory requirements.

With a team of seasoned professionals possessing extensive knowledge of Indian statutory laws and auditing standards, HCO & Co. delivers comprehensive audit solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each client. Their expertise encompasses auditing procedures prescribed by regulatory authorities, including the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

HCO & Co. employs advanced auditing techniques and cutting-edge technology to conduct thorough assessments, identify potential risks, and provide valuable insights to enhance financial transparency and accountability. Our commitment to integrity, excellence, and client satisfaction distinguishes us as a trusted partner for businesses seeking reliable statutory audit services in India.

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